History of the croissant

When a cook enthused by his business invented a new meal, this is not surprising to anyone. But with each rule there is an exception, and sometimes the work of centuries remains a work that does not belong to one of the brightest achievements of the author, but is a continuation of his main achievements.

With the exception of this product was an unusual form of croissant. The history of this bakery creature deserves attention and begins long before the time when, in the person of a person, the dipped dough, the idea came to wrap it in such an original way. Despite the French name and the unusual popularity of this product in France, according to one of the historical versions, the croissants were first made in Vienna in 1689.

One of the awards that Kulchytska City Council of Vienna was showered with were 300 bags of selected coffee, thus Yuri Kulchytsky turned into the owner of the first coffee shop in Vienna. There are historical facts that it was in his coffee shop in Vienna that for the first time, as a sophisticated and original addition to the phylloxiana of an exotic drink, became a loose cake that quickly became popular.

Soon, coffee shops in Vienna began to open one after another, and the fashion for coffee and croissants reached the royal rooms. One day, the Austrian princess Marie Antoinette, having become the wife of the king of France, brought with her his favorite treats. French cooks were intrigued by an unusual form of baking, and some improved the croissant recipe, giving it a French chic – they cooked it from puff pastry and added a variety of fillings.

The tradition of having a coffee with croissants for many hundreds of years has survived its founders. Having made a round-the-world trip, the croissant came to Ukraine – one of his inventors in the homeland, but already in the improved – leaf form

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